Emergency Preparedness Resources

Northeast Document Conservation Center:

Offers several resources, including an online disaster planning tool and workshops.

DPlan – Online Disaster Preparedness Planning Tool


dPlan can help you create a plan for disaster prevention and response. Enter data into the online template to create a customized disaster plan for your institution. This plan will help you:

  • prevent or mitigate disasters
  • prepare for the most likely emergencies
  • respond quickly to minimize damage if disaster strikes, and recover effectively from disaster while continuing to provide services to your community

Emergency Preparedness Workshops

This course covers the importance of planning for emergency situations. Elements of a disaster plan and ways to update current plans are discussed. Different levels of planning can be taught; the course can focus on developing the plan itself, especially using NEDCC’s online tool, dPlan. Additionally, disaster recovery, salvage of wet collections, response, and rehabilitation can be emphasized. Case studies are used, and students learn from what others have experienced.

Disaster Assistance

NEDCC's Emergency Management Preservation Leaflets


The Conservation Center for Art and Historic Artifacts

Emergency Preparedness, Response and Recovery Workshop

This workshop will cover the following topics: the disaster planning process and how to successfully write a disaster plan for your collections; hazard mitigation; initial response activities; and practical recovery techniques for water and fire-damaged materials. Information on sources of assistance and service providers will be available. A hands-on component can be included to demonstrate recovery techniques for water-damaged paper materials.


National Trust for Historic Preservation 


The link to the Disaster Preparedness bibliography was prepared for in-house use at the museum sites of the National Trust for Historic Preservation. It is strictly a draft list, and is frequently updated as new materials and publications become available. If you feel that there is an error or there are materials that should be added to this Bibliography, please contact me at my E-Mail address and let me know the citation. I would be happy to add it as I want to make this list as inclusive as possible.
E-mail: melissa_heaver@nthp.org


Heritage Preservation

Emergency Response and Salvage Wheel

Features an updated section on protecting electronic records, a water-resistant coating, and magnets for easy access. This hands-on tool helps institutions protect precious collections and records, find reliable information instantly, and save damaged objects. Side on of the wheel is an outline for Action Steps, side two provides practical tips for Salvage Steps. Cost is 12.95-7.95 each



Other Disaster Planning and Recovery Resources on the Internet include: