23 Ways To Infuse LGBTQ+ Pride Throughout Your Wedding

Let your pride flag fly!

Lesbian Wedding Ideas | Two brides kiss in front of a rainbow wall

Images by Amber Robinson | Alvea Studios

Love is love...just like weddings are weddings. But if you're looking to put your LGBTQ+ pride on full display, here are 23 vibrant ways to work it into your big day!

1. Wear colorful cufflinks...

Gay Wedding Ideas | Wear colorful cufflinks

Kathleen Marie Ward Photography

2. Or rainbow-soled shoes!

LGBTQ+ Wedding Ideas | Converse Pride Collection Shoes

Casey Hendrickson Photography | The Farm at Brusharbor | Lisa Pleasant Events | Converse Pride Collection

3. We're swooning over these dip-dyed dresses...

Same-sex Wedding Ideas | Rainbow bridesmaid dresses

Shelly Beck Photography | Kendall Point | Botanika

4. And can't get enough of these color-blocked socks.

Gay Wedding Ideas | Wear rainbow socks

Mak Rabbitt Photography

5. Go bright and bold with your wedding flowers.

LGBTQ+ Wedding Ideas | Colorful rainbow bridal bouquet

Lara Hotz | The Sisters

6. Incorporate lines from the Supreme Court ruling for same-sex marriage into your ceremony readings, programs, or signage.

LGBTQ+ Wedding Ideas | Same-sex marriage ceremony reading

Ladyfingers Letterpress

7. And be loud-and-proud with a wedding ceremony sign like this one!

Lesbian Wedding Ideas | Two Brides wedding ceremony sign

Northern Red Photography

8. Create a colorful ceremony backdrop–or use rainbow ribbons for handfasting!

LGBTQ+ Wedding Ideas | Colorful ceremony backdrop + rainbow handfasting

Penny Photographics

9. These balloons make a great photo prop…

Gay Wedding Ideas | Mr. & Mr. Balloons

Falkirk Mansion | Vivian Chen

10. And these vibrant smoke bombs make an Instagrammable photo op!

LGBTQ+ Wedding Ideas | Colorful smoke bombs

Ashley Smith Events | The Holly Farm | D Lillian Photography

11. Get fun accessories and werk those wedding photos.

LGBTQ+ Wedding Ideas | Colorful wedding accessories

Shifted Focus Photography

12. Put your pride up in lights (and then hang it in your home!).

Gay Wedding Ideas | Mr. & Mr. neon sign


13. Matching tattoos are a sweet sentiment...

Lesbian Wedding Ideas | Matching heart tattoos

Swatch Studios | Your Perfect Day

14. While this ombré overhead installation + matching florals make a grand statement.

LGBTQ+ Wedding Ideas | Colorful wedding table décor

Redfield Photography | Rabbit Rabbit Crew | Allium Floral Design | Bacon & Lox Society

15. Who can resist a good color-blocked seating chart?

LGBTQ+ Wedding Ideas | Colorful seating chart wall

Birds of a Feather | La Boheme Events | Hollyflora

16. Complementary chair signs are an affordable yet adorable touch.

Lesbian Wedding Ideas | Mrs. & Mrs. chair signs

Elysia | Brisbane Wedding Decorators

17. And this "guest book" frame is a great way to incorporate your pup!

LGBTQ+ Wedding Ideas | Custom portrait guest book alternative


18. Moving on to the cake...how's this for a surprise spectrum?

LGBTQ+ Wedding Ideas | Layered rainbow wedding cake

Steve Steinhardt | Beth Helmstetter Events | Charm City Cakes

19. And we love the idea of topping the tiers with figurines in your likeness.

Lesbian Wedding Ideas | Two brides cake topper

Kenzie Rae Photography | Flowers at the House

20. Most importantly, celebrate the notion that love ALWAYS wins.

LGBTQ+ Wedding Ideas | Love Wins cake topper

Michael Anthony Photography

21. Encourage your guests to "Love in color" with these DIY wedding favors.

LGBTQ+ Wedding Ideas |

The Budget Savvy Bride | Oriental Trading

22. Then get a bunch of rainbow sparklers…

LGBTQ+ Wedding Ideas | Rainbow sparklers


23. And give yourselves an EPIC send-off.

Lesbian Wedding Ideas | Sparkler send-off

Jessica Hunt Photography | By Invitation Only...Event Planning & Design

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