It's back! Register for the Emergency & Disaster Preparedness Workshop Series

This is the last time this program will be offered!

Conservation ConneCTion is pleased to announce that it the popular Emergency & Disaster Preparedness WorkshopSeries will be offered one more time, but this is your last opportunity to participate in this program and you can’t beat the price - $45 for the entire three-part series!

Conservation ConneCTion has partnered with the Northeast Document Conservation Center (NEDCC) to present the Emergency & Disaster Preparedness Workshop Series, which will give cultural institutions the tools and training for disaster planning and response. This three-part workshop series, led by NEDCC preservation services staff, is designed for staff and volunteers at museums, historical societies, libraries, and archives. This workshop series is funded through an Institute of Museum and Library Services Connecting to Collection’s implementation grant.

The Workshop series is presented in three parts. The first begins August 13, 2012 with Part I: Disaster Planning with dPlan™ Lite. The workshop includes a presentation on disaster planning and hands-on training using NEDCC’s online disaster-planning template, dPlan™ Lite. Participants will begin work on their disaster plans in an uninterrupted environment where they can ask questions while they become comfortable with the software. Part 1 will be held at the Middletown Library Service Center in Middletown, Connecticut.

Part II: Disaster Response & Recovery, is a two-day workshop. Day Onewill provide a review of disaster planning and prevention, disaster response, drying techniques, setting priorities, and documentation. Day Twowill cover salvage priorities and a demonstration/participation in a wet-salvage exercise recovering materials commonly found in libraries, archives, and museums. Part 2 will be held at the Middletown Library Service Center in Middletown, Connecticut on November 12 and 13, 2012.

Part III: On-site Disaster Response Trainingis the final part of the workshop series. All participants will receive a site visit from a NEDCC preservation services representative who will provide a half-day of training to the museum or library staff on using their disaster plan.

What you get –

Participants will learn about disaster planning, receive instruction on how to complete dPlan™ Lite from NEDCC staff, receive hands-on training in disaster response and recovery, receive a free site visit from NEDCC staff who will conduct a half-day training session on carrying out their disaster plan, and receive resource materials including a CD-ROM of information on disaster preparedness and recovery.

What you need to do –

Participants must attend Parts I, II, and III and register for and complete dPlan™ Lite.

How to get started –

• Register for the entire series by emailing Conservation ConneCTion director, Kathy Craughwell-Varda at [email protected].

• Participants may use computers provided or bring their own Laptops (please let us know if you will be bringing a laptop).

• All participants will receive an emailed packet of information that will outline what information about their site they need to bring to begin filling out dPlan™ Lite at the workshop.

• Sites are encouraged to send more than one person to Part I of the workshop series.

For more information, directions and to print out a registration form please visit us online at www.conservationct.orgor email Kathy Craughwell-Varda, Project Manager for Conservation ConneCTion at [email protected].