Introducing Conservation ConneCTion's Traveling Curator Program

Free, hands-on, personalized assistance

to museums across Connecticut.

About the Program:

The Traveling Curator Program is a pilot program funded by the Institute of Museum and Library Services that encourages best practices in collection care by bringing a museum professional to cultural heritage sites in the state for a half day to address the needs and questions of staff and volunteers and provide practical suggestions to help improve the institutions ability to care for and preserve their collections.  Iq option In Nigeria

Some examples of Traveling Curator projects include, but are not limited to review collection policies and procedures, provide a tutuorial on museum registration methods, examine collections and help prioritize collection needs, provide suggestions for better use of storage areas and housing collection items, review exhibition areas and period rooms and provide recommendations for low-cost improvements.

Frequently Asked Questions :

What can the Traveling Curator Program do for me and my institution?

The Traveling Curator Program is tailored to meet the needs of individual sites and offers an opportunity for  staff and board members to meet personally with the Traveling Curator in an informal, supportive and consultative setting. These site visits are intended to help identify your specific collections issues, set realistic priorities for improving collections care, and tackle small projects that can be accomplished in 3 hours. 

Is there any cost associated with the site visit?

The Traveling Curator Program is free.  Please be advised that any supplies or materials are the responsibility of the institution.

Who is the program for?

Any cultural heritage institution in Connecticut with historical collections that document the state’s history and culture, and whose collections are accessible to the public may apply.  Priority will be given to institutions that participated in Conservation ConneCTion’s Disaster and  Storage Workshop Series, including museums, historical societies, and libraries that want assistance in addressing the needs of their non-archival collections. 

Will we receive a written report after the visit?

The Traveling Curator does not provide a report, but staff members and volunteers are welcome to tape record, video tape or take notes during the visit.

My institution has several collection care projects which are urgent.  Can the Traveling Curator help us with more than one collection-related project?

While having more than one area of concern is to be expected, the best use of the Traveling Curator’s time is to focus on one project or one area of your collection.  For example, if registration issues are a concern, the Traveling Curator can review your current registration methods, examine current collection records and make recommendations, provide a registration demonstration using objects in the collection, and help set priorities.

Who is the Traveling Curator?

Kathy Craughwell-Varda, Conservation ConneCTion’s Project Director since it’s launch in 2008 and a professional curator with more than 25 years experience is our Traveling Curator. 

 How do we arrange for a site visit?

Visit the Conservation ConneCTion website,, and click on “Traveling Curator Program.”  Print or download the “Traveling Curator Program Request Form”, and email it to or mail to 6 Old Middle Rd., Brookfield, C T 06804.

What if I have more questions?

We're happy to answer any questions you may have. Please contact Kathy Craughwell-Varda, Project Director, Conservation ConneCTion, at or 203-740-8227.

Deadlines for Application:

September 30, 2012 - for site visits October 2012 through December 2012
December 15, 2012 - for site visits January 2013 through March 2013

Download the Traveling Curator Program Application Form:

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