The Venue Business Boot Camp

Let us help whip your venue into the best shape of its life.

Level up your wedding venue business with our 10-module course that's specifically geared toward wedding venues.

Not vendors.
Not the industry at large.
Just. Wedding. Venues.

COVID-19 brought the wedding industry to a screeching halt, and each one of us was forced with a choice: Try our best to simply survive...or embrace the challenge and thrive.

The team at Here Comes The Guide chose the latter. And not just for our own benefit—but because we want our venue clients to emerge from this crisis even better than before. Which is why we developed the Venue Business Boot Camp.

Our "Venue Business Boot Camp" includes:

  • 10 different venue-specific modules, including:
    • Identifying and marketing your venues’ superpowers
    • A comprehensive guide to creating an effective Virtual Site Tour
    • How to prepare your venue to sell small weddings and elopements
  • Several tools to help you execute on the ideas we discuss, including:
    • Downloadable PDFs
    • Custom spreadsheets for tracking, financial projectison, and more
    • Swipe files for professional yet warm email responses
    • Video tutorials and more!

"I have devoured the Wedding Venue Boot Camp episodes. I have all the sheets printed out and I have started changing verbiage on everything. This is my biggest thank you area. I spend a lot of time listening to podcasts, listening to audible books, or watching sales videos. However, in just 5 episodes I have gotten more actionable items than I have in the last year of all of those things COMBINED. I cannot describe how blown away I am to have this information and have even found that it has lit the wedding fire inside me again."
Sylvan Dale Guest Ranch

Practical and actionable, these modules will help you make sure your venue is ready to tackle not only the challenges of COVID-19, but whatever the future holds.

Want a sneak peek? Listen to this audio teaser of the Venue Business Boot Camp:

"I have been working my way through your modules, and I want to say thanks so much! I started booking weddings at our venue about a year or so after Here Comes the Guide started, so I was skeptical I could learn something new. Boy, was I wrong! I am in the process of re-doing our website, so your modules were so well timed. ;) Hoping I will be a good example of all your expertise."
Hartley Botanica
"I'm just now getting to listen to the Venue Business Boot Camp! It is very personable and helpful! I feel like I could pick up the phone and talk to you or Meredith if I had specific questions. So that's an amazing quality for Here Comes The Guide that I don't get from other providers. I feel like you all really care about us as a venue—and that means a lot to me!"
Summit Farm Weddings

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